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Priscilla Time:25/10/2020
Q: When should I expect to receive my glasses? I do no see any updates in the shipping tracking since 10/15/ 20. Thank You
A: Dear Priscilla, I tracked the status of the order. It arrived in the United States on October 15 and began to deliver it to the local transportation company in the United States for transportation. Please be patient. It will be updated soon. Thank you.
Me Time:22/10/2020
Q: I want to delete the account. How do I delete it?
A: Dear, after the account is registered successfully, you cannot cancel it. If you want to change an account, you can register a new one directly. Please rest assured that we have no right to view the private information registered by customers, so there will be no risk. thank you.
Marina Gross Time:20/10/2020
Q: i ordered glasses on 9/24/2020 and still have not received my glasses . i tracked it and it says it arrived on 10/15/20. please track my order, ive been patiently waiting but now im getting frustrated.
A: Dear marina, I checked the status of order 2020092400052, which arrived in the United States on October 15 and is now passing through the transit station to its destination. Please wait patiently. I will also track the package every day. Any update will be sent to you by email at the first time. Thank you.
Natalie Austin Time:19/10/2020
Q: On 10/18/20 i ordered too many of the same glasses i don't see a delete so i need to cancel.
A: Dear Natalie, you can cancel orders you don't need in the member center. thank you.
LATAI TAUMOEPEAU Time:11/10/2020
Q: Hello, I am just checking when I might expect my glasses to arrive? Thank you.
A: Dear tatal, order 2020092636442, due to your prescription input problem, we have communicated with you and are now in production. Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, standard transportation cannot guarantee the arrival time to Australia. I have helped you apply for business transportation (4-7 working days). The specific tracking number and method will be sent to your email tomorrow. Please check it carefully. Thank you.
Kim Time:03/10/2020
Q: I have not received my order from August 23. Could you tell me when I will receive it.
A: Dear Kimberly, the details of the order have been sent to your registered email by email. Please check it. Thank you.
Nicole Time:26/09/2020
Q: Still haven't received my glasses and it'll be almost a month in a few days. What's the status besides "in transit?"
A: Dear Lillian, the order 2020082532791 was updated on September 24. I have sent you the specific information by email. Please check it. Thank you.
Trina Favorite Time:16/09/2020
Q: I placed my order on yesterday and the website is saying unpaid but the money has been taken out of my bank account. Did you receive my order? Order number is 2020091420623.
A: Dear favor, the order 2020091420623 has been paid successfully. Now the production has been arranged. Please don't worry. Thank you.
Nicole Time:15/09/2020
Q: Could you tell me where my order is please?
A: Dear Nicole, I checked the status of the package. It arrived in the United States on September 4, and is now going to its destination through the transit station. I will inform you by email if there is any further update of the package. Thank you.
WANDA MORGAN Time:15/09/2020
Q: i trying to pay but it want let me.
A: Dear Wanda, as your description is not specific, in order to provide you with better help, I have communicated with you through email, please check and reply me, thank you.
Donna Caver Time:31/08/2020
Q: How do I get the coupon codes
A: Dear Donna, I have already replied to you by email for the details of the coupon. Please check your email address. Thank you.
Donna Caver Time:31/08/2020
Q: I was trying to pay through credit card it keeps saying order unpaid.. How do I pay
A: Dear Donna, you can try to pay again or use another bank card or Paypal. (Please note that the same bank card is used for repeated payments, and the interval between the two times is more than 15 minutes.) You can go to my member center --- my order to find it, and resubmit the order and pay, thank you.
Gregory Gwynn Time:31/08/2020
Q: I've ordered two pair of glasses for my mother on Aug 7 and it's ready to be a month and paid for everything that needed to be paid for what's going with the order.
A: Dear Brenda, I checked the order 2020073077240, which was delivered to the transportation company on August 6, and the latest update on August 29 was "2020-08-29 03:01"Fontana, CA, United States, package transferred to destination, UPS mail innovations facility ", thank you.
nicole Time:25/08/2020
Q: why is it on your FAQs page it states shipping is $6.95 but i end up getting charged $9.95. False advertising! How will you compensate me?
A: Dear Nicole, the cost of standard transportation was always $6.95 before the outbreak of the new virus. After the outbreak of the virus, the transportation company's price continued to rise, and the highest price was $11.95. Now the price of $9.95 has just been reduced for a month. When the virus is stable, the transportation cost will be reduced to the original price. Thank you.
Delia Falconer Time:23/08/2020
Q: How do i convert to UK prices
A: Dear falconer, please use your PC to open veeglasses website. In the upper left corner of the home page, there are currency conversions such as US dollar, euro, and British pound. If you choose pound sterling, the prices of all frames will become pounds. As the exchange rate is changing every day, please refer to the final payment price. thank you.
Carmen Garcia Time:19/08/2020
Q: What happens with my article, there is no tracking number and I'm waiting until how many days do we have to wait for my sunglasses?
A: Dear Garcia,Update on 2020072773225: the package will be delivered to the transportation company on July 29 (we will give you the email address on the same day Carmenmilagrosg@yahoo.com Send shipping mail with tracking number and method). The package arrives in the United States on August 3, and the latest update is August 18. I will track your package every day and inform you of any further updates by email.
Kareena Time:14/08/2020
Q: I've placed an order on the 28/7/20 I've tried tracking the package but there's no update since the 31/720 can you please tell me the whereabouts of my items..thanks
A: Dear Kareena, I have inquired about the status of the package. The latest update is to leave China for the UK on July 31. Because today is Saturday, the transportation company does not work today, and next Monday, I will contact the transportation company to give you further information. Thank you.
Khadijah Abdur-Rahman Time:01/08/2020
Q: Hi, my tracking is saying my order arrived on 7/25/2020, but I haven't received it.
A: Dear Khadijah, I've tracked your order. It arrived in the United States on July 25, not at its destination. It's still in transit.
Tamiah Kerns Time:28/07/2020
Q: I'm spending almost $300, what is the free shipping code? According to the advertisement, free shipping for orders over $69. Please advise. Thank you.
A: Dear tamiah, due to the impact of the epidemic and the increase of transportation costs, we have temporarily cancelled the order parcel post activity. We are very sorry, thank you.
Tamiah Time:27/07/2020
Q: What is the free shipping code for orders of $69?
A: Dear tamiah, due to the impact of the epidemic and the increase of transportation costs, we have temporarily cancelled the order parcel post activity. We are very sorry, thank you.
Ronita Troy Time:23/07/2020
Q: How do I get my prescription to blue ray?
A: Dear Troy, I have used pictures and text to reply to the specific situation of Blu ray prescription in the email. Please check your email address. Thank you.
TERESA Time:17/07/2020
A: Querida Teresa, el estado del pedido 2020061946579 es normal, la información específica que he enviado un correo electrónico a su buzón, por favor verifique, gracias.
Maureen Wilson Time:17/07/2020
Q: Hi Guys, Hope you are all safe and well , I order glasses from you with a retraction on the lens that would change from light to dark and for my prescription, will the retractor lence go dark in sun light and light in dark light and when can I expect delivery please . Take care Maureen
A: Dear Maureen, order 202006270965 was delivered to the shipping company on June 30 and an email containing shipping information was sent to you. Now the status of the package, I have sent an email to your registered email address, please check, thank you.
Maz Time:16/07/2020
Q: I am trying to place an order, but when I click on PayPal or credit card to pay it does nothing, how can I pay please? .Ive ordered before without any problems x
A: Dear Maria, generally, this situation is caused by network delay. We suggest you try to submit the order again. Thank you.
Michele Thomisee Time:15/07/2020
Q: I need to change my PD to 63.5 or 64
A: Dear Michele, the PD in your order has been updated to 64mm, thank you.
sally Time:14/07/2020
Q: The frames of my glasses broke I didn’t get them till like last week can I return them for a refund or exchange because I still do need glasses.
A: Dear Sally, please take a photo of the damaged frame and send it to me by email. I will help you apply for a new one. Thank you.
Maria Time:12/07/2020
Q: It’s been two months already that I order my glasses and haven’t received them what happened
A: Dear Maria, order 2020070535026 was submitted and paid on July 5, 2020. The order was delivered to the transportation company after the production was completed on July 6 and is on its way to the destination. If there are other orders, please tell us the order number by email so that I can check the order status. Thank you.
Cassandra ferguson Time:11/07/2020
Q: I would like to buy but no place to submit
A: Dear Ferguson, I have sent you an email. Please reply me in the email for specific problems. I will arrange the company's technology to help you solve this problem in time. Thank you.
L M Williams Time:10/07/2020
Q: Please See my account and let me know if you still have these lenses. Thank you.
A: Dear Williams, you paid for order 2020071179359 on July 11. There was only one frame in the order, the ls97174, without lenses. If you have other questions, please contact customer service email support@veeglasses.com Thank you.
Melinda Dark Time:09/07/2020
Q: I ordered some glasses yesterday and haven't recieved any email confirmation from you at all. I have the Paypal receipt and the order is in 'my orders' but I would feel reassured if you could let me know you have the order. Thank you *beam*
A: Dear Melinda, order 2020070869136 has been paid successfully. Since there is a wireless bifocal lens in the order, it is a custom lens (4-7 working days). If there is no problem with the general order, only if the order is delivered to the transportation company, we will send the shipping email and tell the tracking number and method. Because many customers are afraid to be disturbed. thank you.
Tee Time:08/07/2020
Q: Dear, I've sent a msg to you via Instagram and email and I am yet to receive a response. Please check and respond as soon as possible.
A: Dear, customer service is already communicating with you about your situation, thank you.
kevin Time:01/07/2020
Q: hello, when will my order ship?
A: Dear Kevin, the order 2020062530379 has been handed over to the transportation company on June 29. The tracking number number is not given to us by the transportation company during the holiday. I'm very sorry. I'll send you a shipping email later. Thank you.
Dee Time:30/06/2020
Q: I need to change my shipping address how can I do that
A: Dear Dee, I have sent an email to your email address. Please check it. Thank you.
Erica Selin Time:30/06/2020
Q: Hi, I’ve placed several recent orders and wanted to know if you had any coupon codes? I want to place another order.
A: Dear Erica, the next time you need a coupon, you can wear veeglasses glasses to take photos (need to be clear and bright) and find the model to wear on the website. Click in to check the details, pull down, find the write comment button and upload photos to get the coupon. Thank you.
Shanette Reed Time:29/06/2020
Q: My order is now being processed. I want to use a different address for delivery. How is that done. Thank you, Shanette Reed
A: Dear Reed, please email( support@veeglasses.com )Send me the correct delivery address and I will update it for you in time. Thank you.
Mary Roberts Time:27/06/2020
Q: Hello I received my order but a pair of glasses are missing
A: Dear Mary,I'm very sorry. It should have been lost in the process of transportation. Please tell us which frame is missing. I'll arrange the company to transport it again. Thank you.
Crystal Time:26/06/2020
Q: I got an email stating that my payment did not go thru my bank but I never finished my order
A: Dear crystal, we saw the payment failure of the order submitted by you in the background of bank card payment, and sent an email to the customer to prompt. Thank you very much for your feedback, thank you.
Teneisha Mussington Time:25/06/2020
Q: My please pay attention to my shipping address. Thank you!
A: Dear Kevin, I have replied to your email of address modification. Please check and reply. Thank you.
Shanette Reed Time:23/06/2020
Q: I can not add orders together. How should process the order so I can pay once.
A: Dear reed, I'm sorry that the order cannot be combined for payment. You can only add all the glasses you need to the new order, and then submit and complete the payment. Thank you.
Glenda Noel-Brown Time:19/06/2020
Q: Hello, is there something wrong with your payment site as it is saying it is unavailable?
A: Dear Glenda, can't you use bank card or paypal for payment? Please send us a screenshot of the unavailable situation via email. If it is confirmed to be a bug, we will send you a coupon. Thank you.
Sheila Time:12/06/2020
Q: Where would I find the ruler?
A: Dear Sheila, ruler needs to be found at home. It is usually used by children when they are studying. thank you.
Lucy Time:10/06/2020
Q: Do you send to UK?
A: Dear Lucy, no problem, we have many orders from the UK.
Mailing address Time:09/06/2020
Q: I am purchasing glasses for someone and want them mailed to their address however it does not allow me to add the mailing address
A: Dear Edith, you need to add a new receiving address. Generally, there are two ways: 1. Add and store a name in the member center - my receiving address. 2. Manually enter the new receiving address before the order is submitted for payment. thank you.
Dorota Gumiela Time:06/06/2020
Q: My shipping address is wrong. It is not allowing me to change it on my account. How can I change it?
A: Dear gumiela, please send me the correct address by email as soon as possible. Your order has been delivered to the transportation company. I need to block it and modify it. Thank you. Customer service email: support@veeglasses.com
Katherine Time:04/06/2020
Q: How much are the progressive lenses?
A: Dear Katherine, now veeglasses wireless progressive lens has a 25% off discount (1.56 wireless progressive lens is $29.96 after discount).
Maria Time:25/05/2020
Q: I paid for an order a couple of weeks ago, shipping shows that they were in Bristol UK , but then went back to you. I paid extra for shipping. When will I receive them please?
A: Dear Maria, I checked the order 2020051783885, which was handed over to UPS for business transportation on May 19, and updated to May 25. It will arrive soon. Please wait patiently. Thank you
Lisa Hayes Time:24/05/2020
Q: Can I get glasses with just magnifying lenses
A: Dear Lisa, veeglasses can support magnifying lenses (reading glasses). Please feel free to place an order. Thank you.
Penny Time:24/05/2020
Q: Do you offer coupons or discount codes?
A: Dear penny, veeglasses now only offers $3 coupons for the first order (automatically deducted by the system). Our price is more favorable than other similar websites after using all kinds of coupons or discount codes. Thank you.
Joyce Davis Time:19/05/2020
Q: I have a question about progressive lens. I put my glasses prescription numbers in and by selecting progressive lens, will the lens be no line bifocals or do I have to edit to choose bifocals.
A: Dear Davis, there are two ways to fill in the wireless dual focus prescription. First, go directly to the prescription page to select the wireless dual focus and add the prescription. 2、 Go to the member center - add a wireless bifocal prescription to my prescription and edit a name. Then go to the prescription page and select the name of the editor. It will also jump to the wireless bifocal prescription page. Thank you.
Maytee ramirez Time:18/05/2020
Q: My order say arrival 5.13.2020. I don't received yet. I want to know if is on the way or what happen.
A: Dear maytee, I checked the status of the order 2020042875614, which arrived in the United States on May 13 and is now on its way to its destination. I'm very sorry, because it's affected by the virus at present, the package update is slow, please wait patiently. I will also follow up your package every day, and I will email you any further updates. thank you.
New Reading glasses Time:16/05/2020
Q: i just received my glasses, after waiting more than a month for them. i am utterly disappointed that i can not read with them. Print is blurry with them. I am beyond disappointed and now frustrated. So what happens now? Am I just out of money??? Stuck with two unusable pair of glasses???? please advise.
A: Dear rozona, due to the current virus, the number of flights to the United States is decreasing, and standard transportation is not as fast as usual. For the problem of unclear lens, you need to take a picture of the doctor's prescription and send it to me by email. I need to check what caused the problem. If it is confirmed that it is the company's production error, I will help you to make the Company re produce and transport the order. Thank you.
Glenda Newbill Time:15/05/2020
Q: I received message saying that my address does not show correct city and zip code but it is correct.
A: Dear Glenda, OK, thank you very much for your prompt reply. Because there are some differences between the city I inquired through the postcode and the city you filled in. In order to prevent the receiving address from having problems, I need to confirm with you. Thank you.
... Time:13/05/2020
Q: I received my order today but the prescription was wrong. I am short sighted and distance vision is blurry in this. I have compared with my other glasses and the prescription is not the same.
A: Dear bleeding, I need you to send me a picture of the doctor's prescription by email, so that I can confirm the problem? Please indicate the order number in the email. thank you.
Shanette Reed Time:10/05/2020
Q: I have tried to purchase 3 pair of glasses and not able to complete the transaction. Have my account been flagged for an unknown reason? I have made 2 attempt to pay for the order. Please inform me what the problem is. Thank you, Shanette Reed
A: Dear Shanette,I'm very sorry. I've sent an email to your email. Please check it. Thank you.
Diana Winfield Time:09/05/2020
Q: On 04-10-2020, I placed an order for glasses and paid for them order number 2020041030138. On 04-24-2020 I received an email with a tracking number USPS #:9200190243712904191235 and the message: 2020-04-24 - PRE SHIPMENT INFO SENT TO USPS, USPS AWAITING ITEM. This message is on your website for my order as well for tracking. I would have thought by now (May 9, 2020) I would have had my glasses. I realize that the coronavirus pandemic has generated slowdown for every one but you did not indicate that on your website when ordering nor did you state it would take this long or longer. Thirty (30) business days, let alone 40 or more business days. Please indicate that if is normal shipping practice. However, I REALLY NEED MY GLASSES and I REALLY LIKE YOUR FRAMES AND PRICES. As a first time customer I want to be a repeat customer. I have several other frames in my profile that I plan to purchase, but if it’s going to be at a SLOW shipping rate I my have to think twice. Diana
A: Dear Diana, I have checked the current status of the order 2020041030138. It has not been updated since it boarded the plane to the United States on April 24. I'm very sorry, because of the impact of the virus, there are few planes to the United States and there are not enough USPS staff, so the update is slow. Veeglasses has two types of transportation, standard transportation (15-35 working days) and business transportation (4-7 working days). If you need glasses urgently, we suggest you use business transportation. In addition, I will keep track of your order every day. I will email you any updates. Thank you.
Ana Time:06/05/2020
Q: Hello guys! You guys send me a tracking number for my order, and every time I insert the tracking number it says it doesn’t exist.
A: Dear Ana, I checked the status of the order. It is normal now, and there is an update record on May 1, you can try again. Thank you.
Sandra Stiles Time:04/05/2020
Q: I have PL as my SPH. What do I choose on prescription? Pupil distance is 63.5. Which do I choose?
A: Dear, I have sent you an email for details. Please check and reply. Thank you.
Sheilah Time:04/05/2020
Q: I'm trying to delete a pair of glasses from my order but it will not allow me to delete. what do I need to do?
A: Dear Sheilah, the order 2020050452305 has been paid successfully. If you need to modify it, please let us know by email. Thank you.
Bridget Time:25/04/2020
Q: my order has been sitting in New Jersey since the 13th. Why?
A: Dear Bridget, affected by the new pneumonia virus, the American transportation company has a serious shortage of personnel, resulting in the delay of delivery. I'm sorry, I will also track your package every day, and I'll update you in time by email. Thank you.
Jeanine Time:23/04/2020
Q: I have placed an order on March 8,2020 and when I search the tracking it is totally blank with no movement. I know it takes 45 days possibly but I thought I should see some movement by now. Can you please tell me the status of my order. Thank yoy
A: Dear Jeanine, I have checked that the order 2020030810782 has not been updated since April 2. I am very sorry. I will contact the express company urgently to confirm whether the package is lost. If it is lost, we will re produce the order and ship it. Thank you.
Emily Time:16/04/2020
Q: Why is my order still processing?
A: Dear Emily, the lenses in the order 2020041299995 are all customized lenses, which require 3-7 working days of customization time, thank you.
JMaire Time:14/04/2020
Q: Why am I having problem adding my address on the add address page?
A: Dear JMaire, you need to send us a screenshot of the problem encountered by email, we will let the company's technology help you solve this problem in time, thank you. Email address: support@veeglasses.com
Teneisha/Kevin Mussington Time:12/04/2020
Q: I placed my order but it didn't give me the opportunity to select my shipping, only billing. How can I get to change the shipping address on my order before it's too late?
A: Dear Kevin, I have communicated with you in the email about the change of the order receiving address. Thank you.
Kathy Sims Time:02/04/2020
Q: Good evening! I am looking for a pair of glasses for my son, since dr. offices and eye centers are now closed due to the pandemic. I have a few questions/problems... 1. When measuring his pupil distance(s), when using the full pupil to pupil distance, I was able to find a number CLOSE to what I measured (79....I measured almost/a little over 80). Will that make a HUGE difference in his lens/lens quality/shape/etc.??? 2. With the pandemic, what the suspected time frame that his glasses should arrive?? 3. The pair that we selected seems to be a pair with magnetic sunglasses clip. I just wanted to make sure that was an option. 4. I have a medical reimbursement card that, had I been able to go to an optical center, I was going to use for this purchase. Is that an option with your company? Thank you so much for helping me!
A: Dear Sims, I'm very glad to help you. Let me answer your four questions. 1. If the measured value reaches 80mm, it should be that your measurement is inaccurate. Please refer to the following link to re measure: https://www.veeglasses.com/h-article/48.html. 2. Standard shipping (15-25 business days) and Business Express (4-7 business days). 3. Pictures on the website show magnetic clips. The actual product is magnetic clips. 4. At present, our company cannot support the medical insurance card in the United States. Thank you.
Stacy Graham Time:26/03/2020
Q: I want order shades; do i need to pick the lens tint?
A: Dear Graham, if you need a lens with color, you must choose a color tone, thank you.
Stacey Henderson Time:19/03/2020
Q: My order date is incorrect can you please change it to the correct date please
A: Dear Stacey, please don't worry. This is because the time difference between our two regions is 12-14 hours. It doesn't need to be modified. Thank you.
Natalie Thibeau-Rector Time:19/03/2020
Q: If my prescription is already registered do I need to add the perscription a second time?
A: Dear Natalie, if you have already added a prescription to my prescription in the member center, you can just select it in the lens step 1 customer_rx when placing an order. I hope my answer can help you, thank you.
Penny Barter Time:12/03/2020
Q: I had 2 pair glasses in my last order that had tint. Both lip shaped glasses. Upon receipt, Neither have tint. Please advise.
A: Dear Penny,We checked the order 2020022853852 and found that the lenses of frame ls9130 pink and ls1898 yellow need to be dyed. I'm sorry for such omission. We will make and ship again. The new shipping information will be sent to you by email. Thank you.
Dana Time:11/03/2020
Q: Im just trying to get reading glasses magnifying I’m not sure how to fill out the diff categories under lenses.
A: Dear Dana, you can email your doctor's prescription to us. We can fill in the screenshot according to the prescription and send it to you. You fill in the prescription according to the screenshot. Thank you.
NICOLE ROBINSON Time:09/03/2020
A: Dear nicole Return Address Name: Jun Meng Telephone number: (+86) 18112815235 Zip code: 212300 Address: Room 5-7, East Mall, Economic Development District, Danyang City, Zhenjiang City, China
Doriann pagan Time:05/03/2020
Q: Para preguntar yo ordené unos espejuelo el 2 de febrero y todavía no he recibido nada
A: Querida Dorian, el pedido de 2020020229343 se hizo por un problema con la dirección de recepción que usted llenó, y el 21 de febrero le enviamos un e - mail preguntando, pero no recibió respuesta, por lo que el pedido nunca pudo ser enviado, para proteger la privacidad del cliente le enviamos una carta, por favor mire.Gracias.
Abbie G Lewis Time:21/02/2020
Q: Correction on address: Abbie Lewis 1405 Randol Crossing Apt 202 Fort Worth Texas 76120
A: Dear Abbie, OK, we will re-ship the order, the tracking number and method will be sent to you by email, thank you.
Abbie G Lewis Time:21/02/2020
Q: Order Date: 17/10/2019 22:11:55 Shipping Address Name:Lewis Abbie Street Address:Apt 202 City:Ft Worth State/Province:tx Country:United States Zip/Postal Code:76120 Telephone:8178748584 SHIPPING METHOD Shipping money: US$6.95 Shipping name: usps Tracking No.: LW777642985CN Shipping status:Have been send out Check Shipping Status Have not received my glasses ordered 101719/please refund payment or send my glasses
A: Dear Abbie, the order 2019101735005 was shipped on October 23, 2019, but due to the inaccurate address, USPS has returned to our company from the United States. We also sent you an email at the first time, and you have not replied to us. Please provide your exact address by email, thank you.
Leandrea Time:20/02/2020
Q: Are you all shipping orders out yet
A: Dear leandrea, due to the impact of the new pneumonia virus, our country has stipulated that the factory should be closed until March, but we have overcome many difficulties and started shipping orders since February 17.
Deborah Crim Time:18/02/2020
Q: I paid for my glasses and it says I didn’t they sent me an email saying that I ordered them and didn’t pay , but I did
A: Dear Deborah, we checked the order 2020020755758, and it failed to pay. You need to log in the member account and go to the member center - my order to find this order and submit it again and complete the payment. Thank you
Wendy Time:12/02/2020
Q: Hello. I haven't had any communication since I ordered my glasses. I'm very much looking forward to receiving them, but haven't seen an update on the process. Are you located in another country? Thank You.
A: Dear Wendy, due to the outbreak of new pneumonia virus in our country, the factory is closed, and we have an order delay notice on FB. However, we have received the information and can start construction on the 13th. We will take the lens of your order to the factory for customization as soon as possible. If you are unwilling to wait, please email and tell us that we can help you cancel your order and refund it. I'm very sorry for this, thank you.
Yvette lago Time:10/02/2020
Q: I’ve placed a order and I can’t seem to email u guys and my order has been on processing for a week now . Why don’t I have a tracking number by now ? Thank you can someone respond.
A: Dear Yvette, because the new pneumonia is raging in China, all factories are closed, and orders will not be processed until March. We have sent a related notice on FB. If you urgently need glasses, we can help you cancel the order and refund it. I'm sorry for this situation.
Brianna Radford Time:08/02/2020
Q: Hello- I finally successfully placed an order but I was charged twice and haven't received a confirmation email yet. I placed the order at least 8 hours ago. Please help and refund that overpayment. Please and thank you!
A: Dear Brianna,We saw that the order 2020020848201 was successfully paid twice, and we have refunded one of them. It will be refunded to your bank card within 3-7 working days. Thank you.
allison Time:04/02/2020
Q: My son place and order for me but i didn’t see any email. To tell me when will my glasses will arrive. Or can i track then.
A: Dear Zachary, the order has been scheduled for production. After shipping, we will send shipping information and tracking method to you by mail. Please check the mail, thank you.
Gretchen Time:27/01/2020
Q: Cómo puedo saber si ya mi orden fue enviada?
A: Estimado Gretchen, si se envía el pedido, le enviaremos un correo electrónico a su buzón de correo (el correo electrónico de su cuenta de miembro registrado). Hemos revisado su pedido y se ha enviado. Vaya a Mi centro de miembros-Mis pedidos para rastrear el pedido .
carrie Coleman Time:24/01/2020
Q: It there a way to Virtually try them on?
A: Darling, do you want to try on the frames? Currently Veeglasses does not support the try-on function. Engineers are developing this function. It takes time. Thank you.
Jean Time:16/01/2020
Q: The website didn't ask me where I wanted the glasses to be delivered
A: Dear Jean, you filled in the delivery address for order 2020011616518. In order to prevent the leakage of customer information, we have sent it to you by email. Please check if you need to modify it. Please reply to us in time.Tank you.
Sharon Time:08/01/2020
Q: How come i can't track my frames
A: Dear Sharon, we checked the order 2020010283160 and it has arrived. The tracking information cannot be queried. The website is in the background update these days, and this problem will be fixed soon. Thank you.
Joyce Gholson Time:08/01/2020
Q: It going to take a month for me to get my glasses
A: Dear Gholson, the order 2019113086866 is due to the increase in bank card payment methods on November 26, 2019. The order information was not updated to the background in time. Later, we also made the order and shipped it in time. In order to express our apologies, we will also give you an order coupon, I'm very sorry.
Melody Time:06/01/2020
Q: What is the turn around time on orders?
A: Dear Melody, this depends on what lens you need to wear? Non-custom lenses can be shipped within 48 hours, and custom lenses can be shipped within 3-7 days.
Deborah Crim Time:04/01/2020
Q: I want to see if I can change my order if they haven’t been sent yet , I just placed it last night
A: Dear, there is no problem, the details have been replied to the email, please check the mailbox and reply to us in time, thank you.
Kobi Battle Time:29/12/2019
Q: I have completed just about everything I needed to do my prescription the frame I like the only problem is it would not let me download a photograph to see if the frames worked for me how can I do so ?
A: Dear, you can download frames of photos, please click the right side of the mouse button and select download pictures. If it still can't be completed, please email us the model you like (eg: LS1918), and we can send the photo to you by email. Thank you.
Sheila Edwards Time:20/12/2019
Q: I received my frames on 12/19/19 just like the tracking order said. I was so excited about my frames. They are so beautiful. They are very well made, so pleased. Thank you Veeglasses. A very pleased customer. I will be ordering again soon. Thank you Veeglasses, Sheila Edwards
A: Dear, I am honored to receive your compliment, and we look forward to your new order.
Joyce Gholson Time:20/12/2019
Q: I should have got my glasses by now what the hold up
A: Dear, the order 2019113086866 was on the flight to the United States on December 17, and it will be updated soon. Please be patient, thank you.
Jamie collier Time:13/12/2019
Q: I would like to order some glasses, I would like to order reading glasses with 250 strength with computer blue tint . How can I order that with the frame I want?
A: Dear, all frames of Veeglasses can be made into anti-Blu-ray reading lens, please rest assured to place an order, thank you.
Nay Time:12/12/2019
Q: Five days ago I ordered some glasses but it says that it is being processed, how long does it take to process the order? And if I want to cancel it and have the money returned to me, what should I do?
A: Dear, order 2019120698815 has been shipped, we will send the tracking number and method to your email as soon as possible.
Connie Merritt Time:11/12/2019
Q: There is an issue with your website!!!! It is not allowing me to check the status of my order, none of my order info is in my account and this has already been paid for. LW216313506CN
A: Dear, we checked the situation you said, there is indeed a bug, we will fix it immediately, we have notified you by email of the order tracking, please check.
Sheila Edwards Time:10/12/2019
Q: I placed an order in November, I have not received my glasses. Tracking#LW834981193CN; PO #2019110733648. It is almost the end of the year. I am very concerned about the order I placed. Concern Customer, Sheila Edwards
A: Dear Edwards, please don't worry. Due to the serious delay in the delivery of packages through the transit station in Chicago, USA during the Black Friday Shopping Festival, we also actively communicate with the shipping company to resolve the current situation. The arrival time of the package exceeds 40 working days. We will compensate some coupons for the order, and we are very sorry for this situation.
Kim Time:07/12/2019
Q: Can someone Check my order again please. Last I knew it was “on a plane”. That was 2 weeks ago....I am worried the plane crashed...,shipping still has not updated. It has been nearly 40 days. I need to know if I should file a case with PayPal for a refund. Order 2019102941366.
A: Dear, we have checked the order 2019102941366, it has passed through the Chicago transit station in the United States and is delivering to the destination. If the package arrives more than 40 working days, we will make some compensation (coupon) for this order.
Joyce Gholson Time:07/12/2019
Q: That the wrong number the number is 2019113086866
A: Dear, we found the payment for this order on the bank card and it was successful. Because of the bank card payment method, we only successfully docked on November 26. I always thought that your order was a Paypal payment, so I never found the money , I'm very sorry for the trouble, we will complete the order and ship as soon as possible.
Joyce Gholson Time:06/12/2019
Q: I ordered a pair of glasses I haven't heard from u all
A: Dear, we have checked the order 2019113049565. The payment was not successful. You can find this order in my member center ---- My order and resubmit and complete the payment. Thank you.
Toni Rayner Time:04/12/2019
Q: Estimate delivery time? I'm in Maryland, ty
A: Dear, standard shipping: 15-40 working days, commercial shipping: 4-7 working days.
Toni Rayner Time:04/12/2019
Q: Ordering for me and husband 12/6. His Rx has a special note, however there's no place to enter it online. Should I email his RX to you (when I order) at support@veeglasses.com? Ty
A: Dear, please send us the prescription by email, thank you.
Stephanie Scott Time:30/11/2019
Q: May I have the complete address where the glasses are being shipped grom. I need to get reinburse. Thank you
A: Dear, the receipt has been modified according to your email request, please check it, thank you. If there are any requirements, please let us know.
STEPHANIE SCOTT Time:26/11/2019
A: Dear, we have reissued the receipt to you through the mailbox, it is in the attachment of the email, you can download it to your computer and print it.
Stephanie Time:24/11/2019
Q: i tried twice to make a purchase and each time there was a problem when i click paypal. Then my cart was emptied.
A: Dear Stephanie, after submitting and paying, the shopping cart will clear the frames of your payment, you can find them in the member center - my order. This eliminates the customer to the already paid frames, making it easier for customers to add new frames to complete new orders.
Genella Jones riggins Time:24/11/2019
Q: Today, I pleased order # 2019112356533 specifically the frame LS1926 was mistakenly ordered in Blue, please could you change that frame color to White. Sorry for the convenience.
A: Dear, we have already modified the order, thank you very much for your timely feedback, thank you.
Ginalla Jimenez Time:21/11/2019
Q: I am wondering how long it will be before I get my order. I was supposed to be to my location by yesterday. According to the tracking the latest move on this order was in CHINA 11/10. Can you give me a status? Thanks
A: Dear Jimenez, we checked the order 2019110142193, it is shipping on November 08, currently on the plane to the United States, please be patient, thank you. Standard shipping: 15-40 working days.
SHELIA Time:19/11/2019
A: Dear Shelia, the specific information has been replied by email, thank you.
Genella Jones riggins Time:16/11/2019
Q: It appears that I have a duplicate orders # 2019111375797 and 2019111315151 have the same items for 239.00. One of these order needs to be canceled. Please advise
A: Dear Jones, we have cancelled the order 2019111315151 and refunded $236.19 to your payment account, please check, thank you.
Mattie Walker Time:23/10/2019
Q: I did not receive the sun glasses I ordered, instead I got plain lens...I ordered sunglasses, black frames and black lens... I am so very disappointed...
A: Dear Mattie, we checked the order details 2012092891888. When selecting a lens as long as it is not a wired bifocal lens, all Veeglasses frames can be made into dyed sunglasses, provided that the color must be selected, which is an additional charge.(wired dual-lens lens can't be dyed, so it has no color selection step)
Leila Time:23/10/2019
Q: Pertaining to my order 2019102304828, I have not received any confirmation and it doesn't appear to be paid on your website. Paypal has already confirmed payment. Will you please email me the correct status of my order? Thank you
A: Dear Leila, we have confirmed the payment for the order and have already replied to your email, please check the email, thank you.
Solange DeLuna Ramalho Time:19/10/2019
Q: What about when I order a only frame version and decide later make it into a prescription version?
A: Dear, you need to send the frame to us to add the prescription lens, so we recommend that you complete the order together, thank you.
Maxine Time:11/10/2019
Q: The glasses I ordered are not the ones I received
A: Dear Maxine, we checked the shipping information and the information you filled in on the website is the same. If it is convenient, do you have access to the member center to check if there is a problem with the address? Thank you.
Paypal problem Time:02/10/2019
Q: regarding ORDER #2019100224971, Paypal says there is something wrong. Could you find out what's wrong?
A: Dear Leila, you have encountered this problem, I suggest you contact Paypal customer service to help you solve, thank you.
Amber Solis Time:30/09/2019
Q: How do I revise my shipping address on my order
A: Dear Amber, the specific information of the order address modification, we have already replied to you by email, please check. Thank you.
Shiovone Time:30/09/2019
Q: Does the shipping really take 40 days?
A: Dear Shiovone, it usually takes 15 working days. If you need a sample inspection, it will take 40 working days, but the chance is not high, but we need to inform the customer about this situation.
Melissa Time:16/09/2019
Q: What if the glasses you want to order doesn't pull up the PD you are? Like for example, mine is 30.5 for both eyes but it only drops down from 32 till 39 pds
A: Dear, we have made changes. There is no such problem now, thank you.
Marnina Martin Time:09/09/2019
Q: Help can you let me kno what's going on with my order please
A: Dear Marnina, because of the time difference, I was unable to respond to your email in time. I am very sorry, we checked your order, it will be shipped today, we will give you the tracking number, thank you.
Marnina Martim Time:08/09/2019
Q: Hi keep checking on my order still processing since 8/29/19 can you tell what's going on with order last time I ordered had tracking number by 5th of month help
A: Dear, we checked the order 2019082854716, the wired bifocal lens is a custom lens and takes 7-10 business days. Thank you.
LO101806626CN(PO number is 20 Time:04/09/2019
Q: Hi there, I can ttrack my order. Can you help? Thanks, Kasia Wasik
A: Dear Kasia, check out the shipping email we sent you, which tells you how to track your order. Thank you.
MARY HEINLY Time:04/09/2019
A: Dear, quality problem, re-create new, if there is still a problem, refund the refund, for other reasons, the frame can be refunded, the lens can not be refunded, because the lens is a custom product, there is no way to be used again.
MARY HEINLY Time:03/09/2019
Q: I FOUND A PAIR OF FRAMES. They say extra light frame. Are the same frames listed considered extra light frames as well or are they heavier.
A: Dear MARY, all the colors of the same model are the same. Thank you very much for your question.
Latasha Paschal Time:02/09/2019
Q: I placed an order and saw that my zip code ion my order is incorrect on my shipping address it should be 30213 but instead it said 30291. Can you let me know how to correct this ASAP! Thanks!
A: Dear, we do not have the right to update the customer's information, but we have made a note and will ship according to the modified address. Friendly reminder: In order to avoid this situation in the future, you should go to the member center and add the correct receipt information. Prevent the next error and bring you trouble. Thank you.
MARY Time:30/08/2019
Q: I was looking at a specific pair of glasses they were wide measurement can they be ordered in a medium measurement.
A: Dear Mary, yes, every frame we pay is marked with a large size, medium size, small size, and the detailed size of the frame below the detail picture. You can refer to the old frame and compare it to see if the size is suitable for your face size.
MARY HEINLY Time:30/08/2019
Q: Can your frames come in different sizes othe then what’s listed
A: Dear Mary, in order to better answer your questions, we have contacted you by email, please check, thank you.
Natalie Thibeau-Rector Time:29/08/2019
Q: I have placed an order, PayPal says payment pending and your website says not payed. Is there a delay in PayPal payments?
A: Dear, we checked the order and Paypal and found that your payment was an electronic check. Paypal needs to be reviewed. It will take 6-8 days for us to receive the payment. Details we have sent to your email, please check, thank you.
Vita Time:26/08/2019
Q: How to leave feedback?
A: Dear, photos and comments can be posted below each frame.
Keeley Time:21/08/2019
Q: Hi it won’t let me enter the near add on my persription which is +0.75 on both eyes
A: Dear, in order to help you solve this problem better, we have sent you an email, please check, thank you.
Monica Time:15/08/2019
Q: Do you accept any time of vision insurance? What is your return policy if I dont like the glasses once I try them on?
A: Dear, there are quality problems, we will re-create new or full refunds for free. Note: We have detailed weight and size indications for each frame, so the size problem is not in this range.
Alicia Simmons Time:13/08/2019
Q: There were originally two ways to pay for my order which was PayPal and by debit/credit card. I filled in my debit card information and it rejected it and is now only offering Paypal as the only form of payment. I do not wish to pay using PayPal. I want to use my debit card. Fix this please.
A: Dear, I am very sorry, I can only support Paypal payments. We are actively communicating with new banks. It is estimated that we will pay online credit/bank cards in September.
Karen Taylor Time:11/08/2019
Q: Does the price of the femes included the lenses
A: Dear, our frame and lens prices are separate, now the lens also has a discount, 25%-30% OFF
Rosa T Jones R Time:07/08/2019
Q: I am not satisfied with my order. Can u please send me the address to return the glasses
A: Dear, we have sent the details to your email, please check. Thank you.
Hello Time:28/07/2019
Q: I do not see the $3 off coupon for new customer
A: Dear, order 2019072741896 submitted on July 27th, you can enjoy the first $3 coupon, the system automatically deducts, you can go to the member center, find the order, look at the price, friendly reminder, this order can be submitted again If you resubmit a new order, the first coupon of $3 will be gone.
Carmelita Jordan Time:20/07/2019
Q: Somehow my shipping address is wrong.. Is there a way of changing it before it gets shipped out to me..
A: Dear Carmelita, we have sent you an email, please check it out, thank you very much.
Rosa Jones Time:19/07/2019
Q: I orderd an received 20pair prescription glasses from the company a few months ago. I was assuming that you all had my account info saved . Nothing is there. Could please help me?
A: Dear Jones, our mall experienced a major upgrade on June 10, which made the old orders inaccessible and apologized for the trouble you caused. You will need to re-add the prescription.
Renea Reed Time:17/07/2019
Q: I just placed an order and I put the wrong prescription in one of the lenses. The OD should be -4.75 and the OS should be -5.00! Thank you and please respond. The order was placed on 06/16/19.
A: Dear Reed, we have sent an email about this issue, please confirm with you, please check your email and reply to us in time, thank you very much!
Lauren Time:15/07/2019
Q: I have tried placing an order and I keep getting g an error message. Is there a problem with your website?
A: Dear Lauren, the problem technology you said has been fixed, you can look again, will you still receive the error?
Rosie Davis Time:15/07/2019
Q: I was trying to place an order and I'm unable to pay for it via paypal and don't see any other payment options. I know the order shouldn't be processed since it says "unpaid" but could you please just cancel my pending order?
A: Dear Davis, I am very sorry, we only support Paypal payments, we apologize for the inconvenience, we will help you cancel this unpaid transaction.
Nancy Eberts Time:14/07/2019
Q: How can I confirm my order
A: Order 2019071431313, we have confirmed with you by mail, they will be shipped quickly.
Jenise Abernathy Time:12/07/2019
Q: I just noticed an email asking if I wanted prescriptions lenses. I do not. I just want the frames. Has my order been delayed shipping because of this?
A: Dear Abernathy, yes, they are delayed because we are waiting for your reply and they will be shipped today.
Michele Coates Time:12/07/2019
Q: I order a pair of Prescription glasses on 7/9/2019, but I want to change the glasses tint from Hyper Grey to Clear, these are for my reading glasses and I think the Hyper Gray will be too dark. And also can you please ship it to my work address which is: Michele Coates DCPS OSSE TRNSPORTATION 1345 New York Avenue N.E. Washington D.C. 20002 Thank you in advance. Michele Coates
A: Dear Coates, we will make reading glasses according to your new requirements.
Ashlee Time:10/07/2019
Q: Hi on side of my glasses says 51 18 135 ...my prescription says -225 -225...not sure how to order glasses need help please
A: Dear Ashlee, how to place an order and purchase frames, we have sent you an email, please check your email, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Starlyn Time:09/07/2019
Q: Do you do returns???
A: Dear Starlyn, if there is a problem with the quality of our products, we can first re-create new ones for you. If you can't accept them, you can return them. After receiving the goods, we will refund the money to you.
Virginia Samanske Time:07/07/2019
Q: I cannot complete my order always says error?
A: Dear Samanske, in order to communicate more accurately, we have sent you an email to communicate, please check.
Dewana Kennedy Time:01/07/2019
Q: My order keeps giving me a error I can't seem to find said error please help
A: Dear Kennedy,Need you to report the wrong place, cut the map and send it to us by email, we will let the technology help you fix the error in time.We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Robin Time:21/06/2019
Q: Can I get transition lenses through this sight? How would I add the add to my prescription it is grayed out when putting in my prescription.
A: Dear Robin, In order to better answer your question, we have sent the detailed steps to your email, please check it in the mailbox.Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
Lynze Time:12/06/2019
Q: I placed an order with you guys for a pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses. They now don’t appear when I hit my orders??? Are they missing? Did you not get the order?
A: Dear Lynze.Thank you for your question,As our website updated ,we are sorry for caused your troubles.We have sent out your glasses and the tracking NO. have been sent to your email.Please kindly check. if you still have any question ,please kindly contact with us.Thank you
If you have any questions about our products and service, please leave a message. Our customer service members will answer your questions as soon as possible. Before you ask the questions, we suggest you make sure your email address is correct. Our customer service staffs are very happy to answer every question you will ask no matter what kinds of complaints and suggestions you give for we take customers as our gods.